“QUARANTINE TALES FROM THE RED DESERT”: out now Bronson Recordings’s Sampler

Dear Bronson Lovers out there, 
while the music market is freezing due to the lockdown, we thought to ask to all our artists and some very special friends to take a look to their golden and dusty archives to fill up a compilation on Bandcamp to help us to the keep the things going during this pandemia and have some fun all together. it’s really the time to support real independent music.


We are very excited to share with you 12 unreleased tracks, (including demo and live versions) from Live Skull, White Hills, Martin Bisi, OvO feat Moder, Sunday Morning, Tidal Channel, Adriano Zanni, Clever Square, Elm, Solaris end the Lunary Ensemble collective. Welcome to Quarantine Tales From The Red Desert, believe me, it’s a real blast!