‘Kites From The Noodles Kingdom’ is the brand new single by Clever Square

‘Kites From The Noodles Kingdom’ is the brand new single by Clever Square.


Kites From The Noodles Kingdom is the brand new single by Clever Square to be released on December 10th, 2021 via Bronson Recordings Clever Square start dreaming again with the new single Kites From The Noodles Kingdom, available on all digital platforms from December, 10th 2021 for Bronson Recordings, taken from their new and fourth album scheduled for release next spring. True indie rock and graceful melodic songwriting fly together in metaphysical Black and White Lodges, also thanks to the cinematic jazzy nuances guaranteed by the guest Jacopo Finelli from Leatherette on saxophone.

After the previous single Little Flaws, dating back to autumn 2020, Kites From The Noodles Kingdom continues along a completely new path for the Italian band, led by Giacomo D’Attorre (voice and guitar) and completed by Francesco Lima (guitar), Andrea Ferriani (bass) and Andrea Napolitano (drums).

According to D’Attorre: “When we started working on the arrangement of this song, we had in mind both the Sparklehorse sound and the Twin Peaks atmospheres; I wanted the song to have a hazy and nocturnal feel to it, but also some sensual and dreamy vibes, which are well delivered by Jacopo Finelli from Leatherette, who plays the saxophone on this track. In this song I’m trying to reconsider the end of an important relationship, what it meant and what’s left of it: his aspects back then, what it looks like now. It’s a song about the fleetingness of love, about closure and forgiveness: everything’s fine, and what’s not will be rectified in another life or universe“.

Kites From The Noodles Kingdom was recorded and mixed by Marco Giudici (Any Other), already working with the band for the third self-titled album of 2019. The song was then produced by Lima, and mastered by Matt Bordin. Kites From The Noodles Kingdom makes shine an evolution that, from the lo-fi approach of the early days, has gradually come to great care of the instrumental intertwining, a more warm sound and an intimacy that in any case does not give up electricity when necessary.