Adriano Zanni – Istantanee d’ascolto – on all digital platforms via Bronson Recordings

A throb of field recordings of unknown origin lifts the veils on “ISTANTANEE D’ASCOLTO” by Adriano Zanni, a first rank photographer and sound designer who needs no introduction since he is a well-known figure to the third-ear sounds connoisseurs. The psychogenic imprint of his creative formula makes its way back with a sequence of free compositions that reflect yearnings close to the strategies of the most extreme and feral post-industrial verb, the unhealthy fruit of a dark ‘terra incognita’ undermined by cycles of alien radio frequencies and splashes of brutalizing noise. A work with inexplicable luciferous contours, there where anything can happen, not least the purpose to unleash highly devastating adrenaline rushes.

“ISTANTANEE D’ASCOLTO” is released on CD along with a 15x15cm 20-page photo booklet and is limited to 250 copies. The booklet contains 18 photographs taken by Adriano Zanni himself with a Polaroid SX-70.