it’s time for JANUARY SALES

Happy New Year to you all!
it’s time for JANUARY SALES

let’s warm this winter with a new Bronson Recordings Sales campaign!

Use the code: REDDESERT24 at checkout for a 25% discount on the entire Bronson Recordings catalog. This deal is exclusive to Bandcamp and is valid until January 21st.

all the cool stuff by: Live Skull – Leatherette – San Leo – Trust The Mask – Eugenia Post Meridiem – R.Y.F. – Cemento Atlantico – Phill Reynolds – Clever Square – Solaris – Martin Bisi – BC35 – Elm – Micah P. Hinson/Broken Arrows – Sunday Morning – and more…

Stay ready for 3 amazing New Spring Releases with Sleap-e new entry in the Bronson Family, R.Y.F. and Cemento Atlantico. All the proceeds of this winter campaign will go to support these upcoming releases.

Thank you all once again for the growing support to Bronson Recordings year by year.