Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning formed in 1998, in Cesena, a city in the Emilia-Romagna region, South-East of Bologna, North of Rimini.
They go through many revolving line-ups and genres with a remarkable number of shows in their region, also support notable bands such as The National, Pop Unknown, Last Days Of April, Karate, Archie Bronson Outift and Yuppie Flu….. they broke in 2007During the spring/summer of 2015, they start working to some new tunes. The songs will be part of “Instant Lovers”, the long-awaited follow-up of their previous album. “Instant Lovers” is published on May 2015, self-released and self-produced at their own renovated StoneBridge Recording Studio.This recordings alternates more recent compositions and some of the most intriguing unreleased tracks they have written together just before their breakup.
Thanks to their reunion live shows, they get very special mentions and enthusiastic reports from the national press.In 2016 Sunday Morning and the newborn label Bronson Recordings join forces for the release of the third album. From May to August, the band records, engineers and mixes “Let It Burn” at StoneBridge Recording Studio.

“Let It Burn” is a compact, compelling almost totally “live-recorded” album. It is the perfect result of a short gestation, the natural fulfillment of a private and public world: powerful guitar breaks, gospel introspections, folk ballads, old-fashioned UK punk/reggae, minimalism, and bitter love laments.
“Let It Burn” is a collection of songs but it still takes listen after listen to discover and uncover their inner force and identity

‘Let It Burn’ is out on November 7, 2016 via Bronson Recordings.

released November 7, 2016

Jacopo Casadei – bass, keyboards, vocals
Andrea Cola – voice, guitars, keyboards
Luca Galassi – guitars, mandoline, vocals
Federico Guardigni – drums