Micah P. Hinson and The Opera Circuit – “10th anniversary edition”


To Celebrate 10 years of MICAH P. HINSON & THE OPERA CIRCUIT, Bronson Recordings and Micah P. Hinson decided to release a very limited and special edition of the record. Since the first pressing is now out of catalogue, a complete new master will be available on transparent vinyl, and for the first time ever lyrics will be included. The first 500 copies of this reissue will also contain a bonus 7’’ with string recordings from the original session with the Opera Circuit.
“Micah P. Hinson and the Opera Circuit” was his second album and it was recorded in his home town of Abilene, while Hinson was housebound and addicted to heavy-duty painkillers, after a play fight with a friend left him with an excruciating back injury. His sensual noir drawl is leavened by delicate string and horn arrangements on the likes of ‘It’s Been So Long’. Closer ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’, a sparse, broken ballad, pulls off the trick of being unsettling and powerful


Side A:
1. Seems Almost Impossibile
2. Diggin’ A Grave
3. Jackeyed
4. It’s Been So Long
5.Drift Off To Sleep
6. Letter From Huntsville

Side B:
1. She Don’t Own Me
2. My time Wasted
3. Little Boys Dream
4. You’re Only Lonely
5.Don’t Leave Me Now!

Side 1: 1.It’s Been So Long (Chamber Orchestra)