The classy songwriting, the West-flavoured tunes and the romantic feeling of SUNDAY MORNING is the best mix for your evening under the front porch.

Ladies and gentleman please welcome LET IT BURN
Out on Bronson Recordings on CD 7th Nov 2016
Preorder will be shipped starting from 8th Nov 2016
Catalogue number: BRCD/001
1- Carry Me Home
2 – Everything’s Wrong
3- Stories From A Small Town
4- The Loneliest Boy On Earth
5- Little Creatures
6- Plans
7- Ask The Magician
8- I See The Sun (But It Doesn’t Shine For Me)
9- Should I?
10- Through The Eyes Of My Love

Let It Burn, the third LP from Italian band Sunday Morning, is a classy collection of
sophisticated, indie rock songs, tinged with romance and visions of the West. There are
moments of commanding effervescence and slick bravado, effortlessly juxtaposed by sweet
sentiments of longing, love and nostalgia.
Sunday Morning first took form in 1998. Over the course of many line-up changes and a long
tour across their native Italy, the band finalised their self titled debut EP. Thanks to the song
“Ellis”, Sunday Morning reached the final competition of the 2004 Progetto Demo contest,
sponsored by several major Italian magazines, including Mucchio Mucchio Selvaggio. In
March 2006, the band’s sophomore album, Take These Flowers to Your Sister, was released
via Midfinger & Ghost Records to favourable reviews, with three tracks finding notable
acclaim: “Is That Racoon Sweeter Than Me” became the score for Italian movie ‘Voce Dal
Verbo Amore,’ starring Giorgio Pasotti and Stefania Rocca; while “Cigarettes” and “Look At
Stars” were included on the soundtracks for ‘Cenci In Cina’ and ‘Mi Fido Di Te,’ respectively.
It was around this time that the band decided to take an indefinite break.
After five years of slumber, the members of Sunday Morning began meeting up for jam
sessions, with no particular purpose in mind. Eventually it was decided that the band would
reunite, resulting in their long-awaited third album, Instant Lovers, recorded at their own
StoneBridge Recording Studio (built in 2006) and self-released in May 2015.
It was this momentum that led to Let It Burn. Chris Angiolini of Italian label Bronson
Recordings approached Sunday Morning about releasing a new album, marking the first
time the band had interest from a label before entering the studio. This put a new
perspective on the writing and recording process, and created quite an inspirational
challenge for the band members.