MICAH P. HINSON & THE OPERA CIRCUIT / 10th Anniversary Edition Preorder

The first time i met Micah P. Hinson and his deep voice was on february the 2nd 2007, at Bronson of course. It was the The Opera Circuit tour, an album that definitely struck me down, together with the whole indie music press.

This restless young boy with thick glasses and constant back-hache was preceded by his “borderline” reputation worthy of an hard boiled novel. I remember I was so curious to meet him. On that night the show was a real blast and, starting from that tour, he begun to build up a strong follow up of true believers.

He was born already as an old classic.
We became friends, year by year, tour by tour, visit by visit

And now, almost 10 years later, I’m so excited to announce that Bronson Recordings will release the 10th Anniversary edition of Micah P. Hinson and The Opera Circuit.

We did our best to make it really special.

you can now preorder here at a very special price: