Leatherette – Small Talk is OUT NOW!


“For this album we tried to break this genre, this label of ‘post-punk’ that we’re all tired of,” say Leatherette.

Their 2022 debut album Fiesta offered an intense, inspired and individualist take on post-punk, their caustic riffs, fevered saxophone blasts and impassioned vocals revealing the five-piece skilled purveyors of the form. The group’s second album Small Talk, however, is clearly the work of a group ready to take flight in a new direction all their own. “And on this album, we did what we wanted to do.”

The results speak for themselves, a smart, bold and focused thrill-ride that sounds like nothing else out there.

Recorded at Bronson Club and StoneBridge Studio by Andrea Cola and Bruno Dorella – Mixed by Chris Fullard – Mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Audio Mastering