Italian singer-songwriter Sleap-e has announced the release of her album ‘8106’ on 22 March via Bronson Recordings. We are so thrilled to welcome Sleap-e in the Bronson Recordings family.

Today she shares the eyebrow-raising first single ‘Leave My Bum Alone’, which captures Sleap-e’s frivolity like lightning in a bottle. With runaway guitars and her vocals cresting and dipping as if on a rollercoaster, it arrives as an explosion. Explaining the title, she says, “It means, ‘Please, God, let me be happy’. It was a prayer to myself to keep going, continue to be happy and have fun.”

We have also released a video for this tune. Wearing a knitted hat with devil horns, the accompanying music video is a rough-around-the-edges translation of Asia’s gift for mischief and, above all else, fun. The video was written, edited and directed by Alessandro Furio & Sleap-e.