‘CAN I CAN U’ feat. SKIN – new single by R.Y.F.

RYF unveils ‘Can I Can U’, the third single off Deep Dark Blue, her new album due for release on Bronson Recordings on April 5th on LP, CD and all digital platforms. The single features Skin from Skunk Anansie.

Available on all digital platforms as of today, March 15, 2024, the new single Can I Can U feat. Skin is an electro dance house bomb with the grit of lashing alt-rock guitars, where the ideals of queer and feminist subversion, against homophobia, transphobia and patriarchy, deflagrate in a refrain that is a true anthem to be memorized and sung at the top of one’s lungs: “Can I? Can U / Be outrageously queer and stand here without any fear?”

Can I Can U feat. Skin was born in collaboration with Skin herself who, after writing her own parts, interpreted them in her unmistakable voice-one of the most acclaimed in the UK-for generations of music fans. The song became an enthralling back-and-forth, a duet that mounts in anger and energy until the liberating explosion of the chorus, sung in unison, and the dark, syncopated finale.

Skin, the trail-blazing lead singer of multi-million-selling rock band Skunk Anansie, is a global female icon. As an incendiary live performer, she shatters preconceptions about race and gender. As an activist and inspirational role model she has been smashing through stereotypes for over twenty-five years. With her striking visual image and savagely poetic songs, Skin has been a ground-breaking influence both with Skunk Anansie and as a solo artist.