Sleap-e is reclaiming herself. The Italian singer-songwriter’s second album, 8106, captures the spirit of play; the child-like instinct to pursue what you love without compromise – and here it is, that particular magic that rarely survives adulthood, remarkably intact.

Expect razzle-dazzle electricity, adrenalized by jangly guitars and Sleap-e’s casual vocals/whistling’*. Wallflower confessions teased out with self-described “bossa cat-punk” and scruffy, spirited anti-folk.

Each of its eleven songs are sharp, vibrant shards which, when you step back, build a mosaic of Asia Martina Morabito’s world: the growing pains of your early twenties, remaining faithful to your dreams despite the hostility of adulthood, places of escape both real and imagined – and the pulse of Bologna, her home and north star.’