Dromomania is the new album by electronic project Cemento Atlantico, out today 21th June, 2024 via Bronson Recordings – wanderlust sounds future garage and post-dubstep

“Dromomania” is the irrepressible desire to travel, music as a collective ritual tradition in a network of analogue and digital languages.
Field recordings, beats, future garage, post-dubstep and world music. Enjoy your trip!

Dromomania was mixed by Andrea Cola at Stone Bridge Studio in Cesena and
mastered by Maurizio Baggio (The Soft Moon, Boy Harsher) at La Distilleria, Bassano del Grappa.

In Dromomania the point of arrival is the reconstruction and sharing of an ever wider map. The landscapes dictate the sound flows, that translate into thought. Overthrows of state power, devotional rites, rebellions, legends, abuses and questions chase each other rhythm after rhythm, citing history through the space-time coordinates of Thailand, India, Bulgaria, Mexico, Andalusia, Romagna, Colombia, Nicaragua and Panama. Enjoy your trip!

The first excerpt and opening track Garawek Khaos marks the first stop in Thailand, which takes its name from a coup orchestrated in 1932: the “people’s party” overthrew the absolute monarchy announcing the rise of a golden age, but those who are still protesting argue that this golden age has
not yet arrived.

The second single El Que Puede Hablar is a drum’n’bass acceleration with flutes that takes us back to the legendary stories of an ancient Aztec emperor worshiped as a divinity

The third single Danza Negra transforms the dance of the indigenous people of Monimbó, in Nicaragua, into an electro-dance explosion with ethno-pop melodies: poetry of sound, mysterious masks, tribal percussion and a marimba from the edge of the lagoon for fighting and dancing in the name of liberation.