BC35: The 35 Year of BC Studio


Martin Bisi with Members of Sonic Youth, Swans, White Hills, JG Thirlwell,
Cop Shoot Cop, Live Skull reunion, Pop 1280, The Dresden Dolls, Alice Donut, Lubricated Goat, Sxip Shirley, ParlorWalls and many more!

BC35 refers to the weekend of performances and resulting album making the 35 year anniversary of BC Studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn.
Musicians were invited to participate by Martin Bisi, and were assembled by Genevieve Fernworthy into improv ensembles – in the instances where no group had already self-organised – with particular attention to production logistics, and respect for sonic-dynamic possibility.
There were also some long-awaited reunions.
Recorded with a live audience comprised of sound pioneers, social deviants, and studio fans, these tracks were mixed and edited with care over several month by Martin Bisi and by veterans of the studio throughout the decades.


“Nowhere Near The Rainbow”
Bob Bert (Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, Lydia Lunch), Martin Bisi, Stu Spasm (Lubricated
Goat), Skeleton Boy (WOMAN), and Alyse Lamb (Parlor Walls)

“Denton’s Dive”
Ivan Lipp (Pop 1280), Dave W. (White Hills),Skeleton Boy (WOMAN), and Martin Bisi
did a noise jam with 2 drummers— Phil Puleo (Swans, Cop Shoot Cop) and Rich
Hutchins (Live Skull)

“Details Of The Madness”
New Old Skull (x-Live Skull)

“What A Jerk”
A semi-reunion mashup featuring members of Cop Shoot Cop / Swans followed—with
Jim Coleman, Natz, Phil Puleo and Algis Kizys

“Humash Wealth Management, Inc.”
Tidal Chanel performed with poet Billy Cancel

JG Thirlwell (FOETUS) and Dana Schechter (Insect Ark, GNAW) prepared a piece with
Laura Ortman on violin, and featured an impromptu ‘choir’ of audience members
holding out notes at Thirwell’s direction.

“The Animals Speak Truth”
Dan Kaufman (Barbez), Brian Viglione (Violent Femmes, Dresden Dolls), Paul
Wallfisch, Jason LaFarge (Pants Exploder), Neil Exall (The Mercurymen) and Martin

“His Word Against Mine”
Oliver Rivera Drew, Andrea Havis, Jeannie Fry and Diego Ferri

Ernest Rogers Anderson, Sissi Schulmeister, Stephen Moses, Laura Ortman

“End Of The Line” White Hills

“Take This Ride”
Ajda the Turkish Queen w/ Brian Viglione (Violent Femmes, Dresden Dolls), Paul
Wallfisch (Swans, Little Annie),
7″ single_________________________________________________

“Disintegration In The Well”
Cinema Cinema – David Lackner – Mike Dos Santos

“Soft Glitter Cosmos Needs A Pig War”
Tidal Channel


“The credits read like a who’s who of New York’s experimental underground:members of Swans, Sonic Youth, Pop. 1280, Parlor Walls, Live Skull, Cop Shoot Cop, Foetus, and many, many more… It’s a sonic embodiment of risk-taking, rulebreaking, and antithesis that celebrates the endurance of a man and a space tied directly to New York’s noise, art-rock, punk, free jazz, hip-hop, and alternative movements… Across 13 tracks, Bisi demonstrates—as a producer, engineer, and general facilitator of the avant-garde—what’s made his name familiar to liner-notes obsessives and New York noise nerds for three and a half decades. Showcasing the opaque, roaring, visceral sound he’s come to epitomize, BC35 acts as a totem
to his enduring role in NYC’s rock mythos…”

“Thirty-five years ago, in an old factory space in Gowanus, Brooklyn, the producer and musician Martin Bisi established BC Studio, where he’s has been at the controls for underground classics such as Sonic Youth’s “Bad Moon Rising”and the Dresden Dolls’ self-titled debut. Fittingly, Mr. Bisi is honoring this anniversary with a righteous racket: first by releasing a compilation with bands he has produced, as well as some he put together and one that was resurrected for the occasion, and then by celebrating that album with those groups at clubs in Brooklyn, Boston and Philadelphia…The evening promises to be ear-splittingly glorious.”
–The New York Times

“The New York noise scene that emerged with and after No-Wave can feel like the story of Sonic Youth and its near-orbit, due to that band’s massive influence. But Downtown artnoise can as easily be understood by viewing Martin Bisi as a nexus… In early 2016, his Gowanus, Brooklyn studio, sort-of eponymously named ‘BC,’ had been in operation for 35 years, and to commemorate the milestone, aweekend-long series of performances took place in the facility…”
–Dangerous Minds

“Martin Bisi and, by extension, his BC Studio, is a key player in the experimental and noise rock scene (and beyond) since the late 1970’s. He’s recorded a staggering number of artists, among them Sonic Youth, Blind Idiot God, Iggy Pop, White Zombie, Swans, Unsane, Helmet and dozens more household names.”

“Since the 80’s, noise-rock super-producer Martin Bisi has manned the boards for countless seminal records, from Sonic Youth, Live Skull, Cop Shoot Cop, to Helmet at his longtime Gowanus pad, BC Studio… The Bisi-stamped downtown art-rock scuzz sound that epitomized 80’s and 90’s-era NYC is celebrated on BC35, a compilation of bangers captured live at BC Studio.”
–Brooklyn Rail

-“…Bisi took the stage to thank everyone afterwards. Nostalgia hung in the air, but so did hope: music is perpetually fresh when given the air to breathe, something Bisi and company have been doing for many decades now.”