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Confrontational- “The Burning Dawn” (Red Transparent Vinyl)

“THE BURNING DAWN” is the last chapter of the trilogy by Massimo Usai’s Confrontational.
Dedicated to the memory of Horror great George A. Romero and Charlottesville, VA civil rights demonstrator Heather Heyer, The Burning Dawn runs the gamut from Darkwave to Post-Punk in an embrace of all things 1980s. Confrontational author a sound that is reminiscent of the best of times, sonically speaking. Cinematic and atmospheric, eerily rhythmic and gently slaying, this is a collection of nine sensuous delights that will titillate the ears and warm the cockles of your heart. 

“…a more twisted, trickier and to some extent bolder version of dark-synth, compared not only to artist’s earlier releases, but everything the genre has presented since its resurgence… still heavily inspired by the eighties, still carrying its cinematic character with pride, yet, darker… CONFRONTATIONAL is one of the best acts – if not the finest one – in this super productiv synthwave business.”


Confrontational- “Kingdom of Night” (Blue Vinyl)

The tracks on ‘Kingdom of Night’ (the second entry in a trilogy that started with ‘A Dance With Shadows’) are sounding darker, deeper and heavier than ever before. There was a deliberate focus on trying to create some classic anthems in the songwriting process – tracks with relentless beats, an emphasis on melody and a really driving chorus. The lyrics are quite representative of the whole album as well – a reaction to the fear, isolation and disconnection of this day and age… with hope looming somewhere in the distance. I was heavily influenced by my hometown of Cagliari, Sardinia, and its esoteric aura can be felt strongly throughout the LP in more than one way. I have been working very closely on the artwork with Branca Studio, and I could not be happier with the results.
The new collaborations make me extremely proud of the release: the unmistakable lead synth of the amazing Cody Carpenter is coming back with a vengeance on “Crimson Curtains”, there’s the cinematic melancholia of Ugo Laurenti (the Italian composer who scored Pupi Avati’s ‘Nocturnal Voices’ – a huge personal inspiration) on “Midnight Wings”, and then the beautiful, haunting voice of Hélène De Thoury (of French cold-wave act Hante) on “Keep Faith”, which marks an emotional highlight on the album. The epic sound stones of the late Sardinian sculptor Pinuccio Sciola also make a special appearance on the tracklisting. 

Confrontational- “A Dance of Shadow” (translucent Green Vinyl)

A striking début LP that is thrilling soundtrack aficionados and lovers of electronic music alike, A DANCE OF SHADOWS by CONFRONTATIONAL pulsates and crackles with infectious energy, creating the perfect backdrop to a giallo slasher nightmare that stains the walls with bright red blood. With a story of his own, main man Massimo Usai manages to assert himself a unique author as he boldly lets go of the subgenre cliches and replaces them with his very personal expression. Featured in the TOP 10 ALBUMS of 2015 by retrosynth connoisseurs at, the LP is also notable for the collaborations with Cody Carpenter (LUDRIUM, co-author with his father John Carpenter of the comeback releases LOST THEMES I & II), Monte Pittman (ex PRONG and current MADONNA guitarist) and Darren Travis (of Bay Area thrash legends SADUS). Heavy and ominous, this is a set of tracks that will evoke images of both the dance floor and the horror movie screen: CONFRONTATIONAL intends to confront you, and what he will show you may frighten you… but only until you come to love it for the art that it is.